Beautiful website, Beautiful Girls, Are They Real?

Looking at the prices on some of these girls, I would be day dreaming to say that I could afford any off the girls listed on the website as high class escorts in London even though they call themselves escorts

Searching through sites like Adultwork, Vivastreet and Craiglists didn’t seem to show these girls working anywhere else other then high end escort agencies charging a fortune

Whether you want to spend £600 an hour for a girl calling herself an  elite model is something you will have to decide

I will update more once I have properly researched this industry

Alone For A Glamorous Red Carpet Event in London?

High Class London Escorts

Have you just been invited to a special red party event and have been left with no female company to escort you? Well you can always hire an elite model from a reputable London escort agency to accompany you to the most glamorous party events in London, these girls are not your normal girls but high end photo models, glamour models and upcoming models. It doesn’t have to be difficult to attend those events without sticking out like a country bumpkin!

What begins in London doesn’t stay there.  As a spotlight for fashion, music, film and theatre, the explosion of London creativity is noticed around the globe. Red Carpet events in London attract the rich and famous, international celebrities and promising, up-coming stars.  They are covered by photographers, journalists and televised news broadcasts.  Attending these exclusive events generally means scheduling your reservations well in advance and preparing yourself to mingle with the height in London society.


The London Premier that’s Driving the Crowds


There’s nothing like a good film to command attention.  From the moment the development is announced, it’s closely watched by genre fans, film connoisseurs and critics.  The news media cover the film’s progress from on-location sets, and trailers pique public interest.  This month’s red carpet premiers feature London’s classical touch, including “Far from the Madding Crowd”and “Child 44″.  The Gala Screening part of the London Independent Film Festival introduces the somewhat spine-chilling vision of “Solitary”.


That’s not where the big crowds are expected to go, however.  Although the audience is projected to be around average at the cinemas featuring dramatic premiers, the theaters are expected to be packed for the Atrium of Westfield London premier of  “The Avengers”.  Despite a tasteful line-up, Marvel comics steal the show.


BRITS Awards 2015 Highlight


Stealing the thunder from the BRITS 2015 Awards show, was Kanye West, delivering a somewhat heavily censored performance.  Introduced by spouse Kim Kardashian, West didn’t just bring his heavy rap – he brought an entire army of performers, including grime artists and circus performers.  Most of the lyrics were censored, naturally, during this live broadcast, but then it wouldn’t be Kanye without something objectionable, right?  West decided to use the footage of his BRITS Awards performance for the official video of his song, “All Day”, tweeting,  “I felt the Brits performance captured the energy of the record.”


The Most Glamorous Event of the Year


April is a month packed with red carpet events in London, but nothing is quite so spectacular as the annual Laurence Olivier Awards.  Hosted this year by Lenny Henry, the gala event was as much a celebration of talented performers, with a star studded audience, as it was an awards ceremony for the Best in Theater.


Among the celebrities that converged on the Royal Opera House to enjoy an evening of dazzling entertainment, were Nicole Scherzinger, Gillian Anderson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dame Judi Dench and Kevin Spacey.  Beverley Knight and Katie Brayben gave live performances from Memphis The Musical and Beautiful – The Carole King Musical.  The grand finale was a surprise; an inspiring song rendered by Knight and Spacey.


This year’s award ceremonies partnered with ITV’s This Morning to present a very singular award; the only one that is voted for by the public.  Popular demand gave “Wicked” a top rating..  The year’s radio partner was the enormously successful Magic FM.  Together, the partnership presented the very best moments of the ceremony to the public shortly after the proceedings came to a close.


Going British with Style


Only two places in the world rival the British fashion season; Paris and New York.  From London, comes some of the most chic in European tastes and the most trendy of in youthful design.  London Fashion Week occurs two times a year, in February and September.  The featured red carpet event attracts over 250 exclusive designers as well as a global audience of influential marketers and retailers.  Orders for the London  designs generally run over one hundred million dollars during fashion week.


Red Carpet events take you to the news source, where the best in London artistic collaboration is being created.  It gives you the advantage of a personal experience with London’s finest performers, composers and designers.  All Red Carpet events sell out quickly. The key to securing reservations to a Red Carpet event lies in paying close attention to theater schedules and making your arrangements at the earliest possible date.

Gifts For The Travel Escort Girlfriend in London

Globetrotting Guide For you and your high class escort

Let’s face it, when you have multiple globe-trotting high class escort girlfriends, these party girls have been to and from all the most exotic, beautiful and even dangerous places in the world, it’s kind of hard to shop for a gift!


Maybe they’re used to taking African safaris, travelling the outback, or even flirting with danger by touring Iraq, Juarez or Columbia.  Hey, some people really like the adventure of travelling.  So yeah, you’re right, don’t buy them a little stuffed mouse or a George Foreman grill, because they’re not going to know what to do with it.  Instead, look at some of our travel gifts and recommendations and take down notes.  Maybe you’ll find something your adventurous escort girlfriend might like.


  1. How about a Traveling Book?

This is simple logic—what does your adrenaline-rushing escort girlfriend really want out of life?  Well, of course more of the same.  So why not give her a taste of what’s out there, and what she hasn’t done yet by buying them a travel guide.  Make sure it is up to date and detailed, with pictures.  This will inspire your buddy to think bigger and plan their next vacation of adventuring.  One often recommended book is Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015 guide.  Remember, globetrotters quite often haven’t made up their mind on where to go next.  Give them an idea and for that they will be grateful.


  1. A Makeup Bag

A smaller traveling bag exclusively for makeup and beauty will be just what the female traveller wished for.  It’s simply not practical to have makeup products thrown about with large suitcases, when there is clearly an order and organization to makeup and cosmetics.  Sometimes called a Beauty Book, this smaller than average type of bag can hold nail all makeup products, jewelry, nail polishes and other items.  A great buy for the girl who has everything but no easy organization for her out-on-the-town needs.


  1. A Tablet Carrier

Most people don’t even have an Ipad or Tablet carrier, simply because they figure if they need to sit down they’ll just get a laptop.  Of course, most people don’t anticipate how often they use an iPad or iPad Mini and end up holding it awkwardly for hours on end.  An iPad carrier makes the otherwise cumbersome device portable and comfortable.  The best cases, such as a the Trego iPad Carrier, has special features such as a swiveling stand, a bending or folding stand, and straps for extra security.  You can even hold it over your shoulders for walking and working.  This is easily one of the most important accessories you can get.


  1. A Backup PowerStick Charger

Let’s face it—a lot of people forget to charge their tablets and phones.  They end up bringing a dying device on an important trip and for once, feel a little helpless in their adventurous lives.  This is why a PowerStick high-efficiency emergency charger is a great gift and literally a lifesaver.  The PowerStick (yes that’s it’s actual name) is as small as a stick of gum but still has high charging emergency back up power as well as a flash memory of 4 GB to 16GB, to save your data and not lose it because of power failure.

  1. Book Her Flights & Taxi

Why not go a step further and book her flights and cab travel to and from the city of her choice, from her hotel book her a taxi from London to heathrow and then a flight over to Bangkok to meet you for a secret party with your close friends

Last but not least, are you feeling blue because you can’t watch Conan, Fallon or Kimmel?  Or maybe you’re throwing a fit because Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead are on a totally different schedule in your vacation spot.

If your world travelling escort girlfriend is often caught not knowing where or when to catch her favourite shows then a wireless iPhone to TV Converter will do the trick.  This literally turns a TV into a monitor for your mobile device.  This allows you to find all your favourite subscription channels and viral channels easily, taking advantage of just the TV’s size while you don’t have to search for anything.  This is great for when you only have 1 or 2 channels in a cheap motel.  Your escort girlfriend is going to appreciate this one.

Remember, your globetrotting escort girlfriends prefer something both luxury and USEFUL, not quirky or sentimental.  You don’t have to try hard, just think like THEM for a minute and you can find a great gift.